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Websites and Services

This homepage is a pivot for websites and services that are provided in the hochstaffl.eu domain. Also some projects are described. Continue below and get to know more about it.
Please see the Online Wiki if you are not familiar with a service or project. Moreover, if necessary please feel free to contact me via Email shown in the contacs section below.


Folgende Website präsentiert Informationen und Eindrücke rund um die Möglichkeiten der privaten Fliegerei und meine Tätigkeit als Privatpilot.


View some high resolution satellite images. The data is received in near real-time via the EumetCAST dissemination service provided by Eumetsat.


A Website presenting some of my works as a research associate and some leisure time interests.

Remote Desktop and Applications

The terminal server provides users with access to computers in the domain and published remote applications.
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Webmail, Outlook and Exchange

An Exchange Server is providing email, calendar, contact and other organizational services to the users.
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Online Cloud

The cloud storage server is running on the mature open source software Pydio and provides file sharing and synchronization.
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An aircraft reservation system for aeroclubs which is already in use at fLYUP. For details please feel free to contact me via Email.


An infrastructure of receivers is collecting air traffic information and transmits it to a private flightradar server to view current air traffic. Live View


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